This image was take with a GoPro Camera. This is a great way to document your tour

Water is a one of the progressive elements of Venice. It’s such a part of the city that you can’t ignore it when you travel Venice. If you were traveling in any other city in the world you might take a bus or the subway to get where you’re going and see the sites but in Venice it’s the boat that is the way to get the most out of your adventure.

There is clearly no doubt that the most classical way to travel the waterways of Venice is in the old fashioned gondola.

This image was take with a GoPro Camera. This is a great way to document your tour

This image was take with a GoPro Camera. This is a great way to document your tour

Once of the most classic is Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade tour which has live music played to enhance the naturally classic atmosphere. Although you might think that it’s just for tourists, there is something very special about it. This is because there is also more serious sightseeing to be done and there is no better guide than your Gondola captain.

It’s the famous Grand Canal flows like a large snake through the very heart of the city of Venice,Italy. It is also the main artery of the city and has been since it’s beginning. Being the central waterway, you’ll also find that it is lined with impressive Palazzi which were built by noble families competing for status. Dating from as far back as the 13th Century you can see an amazing variety of architecture from Gothic to Byzantine. It truly is a city that is a work of art.

To get the best view, you should try “The Venice Grand Canal Boat Tour” because it will not only be a relaxing excursion, but you get a detailed commentary and have the opportunity to ask questions. You really get a personal guide experience  when you take this tour. Your captain will also take you to some specific areas of importance and take you into the more important minor canals as well. You cannot see these sights from a regular walking tour.

Just outside of the city are islands. The island known as Murano, where the centuries old tradition of glass blowing is kept alive is a must see. The ever tranquil island of Torcello, which had one of the first settlements on it in 421 AD is also full of wonder. I would also add  Burano with its multi-coloured houses to the tour since this is often in photos and makes for great pictures to take back home. You just don’t see places like this in everyday travel.

If you take the Murano, Burano, and Torcello half day sightseeing tour you can visit all three of the islands and get a special visual treat!  This tour returns just in time to see the spectacle of Venice rise out of the water as you head back in to the city. It’s very interesting for sure.

The tours run between, $50 to $75 and fill quickly so make sure you plan ahead. Also make sure you ask if you can bring snacks and bottled water with you since the tours are a few hours long and not all areas of the canals have places that you can float up to and purchase food to eat.

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