basket weaving

If you’ve been looking for inspiration for your next trip, you might want to explore building a trip around your favorite hobbies!  In part two of our “Turn your favorite hobby into a trip” series we are talking about a few more ways you can use your passions to plan a great adventure.

basket weaving

Going to the Movies

Although some might think of going to the movies as more a weekend or date night activity than a real vacation activity. Here’s some inspiration to take it to the next level: on to be a movie extra!

Grab the InsideHollywood’s guide to get you started! You can also check out the post which is a short and sweet guide to the process that will be worth it if movies are your passion.

Caution: Beware of scammers offering services like getting you in as an extra for a fee. These people take your money and little more because honestly, they are not going to get you the same experience that you can easily get for free.

If that is not your cup of tea, a popular option for traveling movie buffs is to visit sites featured in their favorite films. The following links are a sample of the kind of film tours available such as Hobbiton Tours  in New Zealand.

These tours will give you a behind the scenes peak into movie locations and sometimes actual movie sets.


Pretty much every great city has walking tours, whether of a neighborhood, a park, or  a historical district. Did you know that theme parks and zoos also often offer guided walking tours? Some of them take you behind the scenes to see the inner workings of the place which is an added bonus.

If you are in search of these the best place to find these is at the local tourism office or visitor center.


Flower shows are an amazing way for gardening buffs to indulge their pastime, but for the hardcore gardening traveler, try Coopersmith’s, which offers tours in Great Britain, Japan and New Zealand, among others. These are some simply amazing and naturally beautiful places to visit.


If you’re a traveling buff who enjoys going to concerts or festivals on the weekends then you’ll probably find it fascinating to explore music from another country. You might not understand all the words but music is a universal language in it’s self. Seek out interesting festivals, concert and music related events.

Creating Art

Love to paint? Did you know you can take a watercolor class in England’s Lake District or an artist’s retreat in Giverny, France (home of Monet of course!). If you’re more into crafts, consider learning to make a traditional drums in Morocco or even trying your hand at bamboo weaving in places like Borneo. lists a variety of art escapes around the world and the adventures they have are both fun and educational.

So inspired to do a little more traveling now?

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